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The Best Graphic Cards Available Here At Global Computers

Best Graphic Cards

If there is one thing that makes a difference in the graphics card’s price, it is the speed. Graphic cards can vary in speed and quality greatly when it comes to price. Basically, the more you are willing to spend on a graphic card, the better specifications you can get. However, many would ask why is it important to have fast performing card. The answer to that is simple, the next generation graphics cards will let you do almost whatever you want without worrying about your graphics card’s performance.

Now, let’s compare two cards. Let’s say, you need a card to play your latest and most demanding game. If we look at the two leading brands, they provide two very good options for you. Let’s say, you are looking at a Sapphire AMD RX570 4GB, a card which is one of the best graphics cards, easily capable of running games at the highest settings. Then, we also have another brand which is offering similar features for a lower price – that is, the Asus PH 1650.

Comparison of The Top Two Cards

The main difference between the two is in terms of speed. With the Sapphire AMD, you can expect faster and stable gaming with less loading on your system. The Asus PH on the other hand is able to run without causing a great disturbance in your system and is able to overclock to achieve the highest memory clock speeds. This means, you get the best graphic cards at the lowest prices! Anyway, let’s look at the specifications of each card.

Both of them come with similar features. However, the big difference you can see between them is in the clock speeds. The Sapphire AMD has a maximum engine clock of 1284MHz, while the Asus PH has a clock speed of 1665MHz. The clock speeds are a result of the innovative new technology both companies implement into their cards.

Sapphire RX5700XT

The Sapphire series by AMD are some of the most popular graphic cards on the market. It boasts a strong boost clock of 1925MHz with 8GB memory and 256 bit GDDR6. AMD has also equipped this card with Dual-X cooling Technology to keep your gaming experience flawless and smooth.

Sapphire RX6700XT

The RX6700XT is a top tier gaming graphic card. The boost clock on this graphic card is 2581MHz, making it one of the most fastest graphic cards on the market. The Sapphire series has particularly become so popular because of their multiple variations and their amazing quality.

Asus Tuf 1660 Super

With a top boost speed of 1815MHz, the Tuf 1660 is the top selling graphic card made by Asus. It boasts a GDDR6 memory type, and holds 6GB memory. This graphic card is fairly popular in gamers around the world, making this piece of hardware extremely popular and sold-out easily.

Manli RTX 3060 Ti

Boost clock at 1665MHz, the manli RTX 3060 is a machine. Packed with all the latest technology, this graphic card is sure to give you an experience you’ve most likely never felt like.

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