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1stPlayer G7 ARGB Case Fan – Black

Advanced Blue LED 120mm Fan Case for your computer tower. It's the same fan enlightening professional gamers.
  • Nine Fan Blades Design
  • Model: DF1202512SEMN
  • High Static Pressure Cfm Design
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing Structure
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AMD AM4 Ready. (NOTE: Refer to FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 for the manuals) Compatible with Intel LGA775/1151/1150/1155/1156 and AMD AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/940/939/754 all sockets, up to 95W. High quality aluminum extrusions, long lifespan and excellent cooling performance. 120 mm fan delivering powerful airflow for efficient heat dissipation. Unique fan frame and airflow designs to rapidly remove heat from the memory and motherboard.
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ALSEYE H120Z CPU Cooler 4pin PWM RGB Cooling Fan Quiet Radiator

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1stPlayer FR1 RGB CPU Cooler

High-density aluminium fins deliver marvellous heat dissipation.
  • With LED cycling effects
  • Compatible with Intel and AMD platforms
  • 12.4 CM fan brings high CFM and low noise
  • 5 Colors Backlit
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Raidmax AC904 ARGB Air Tower CPU Cooler

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Antec A400 RGB CPU Air Cooler for Intel and AMD

Automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise.Attach the aluminum cold plate to the surface of a CPU directly, and it can constantly reduce the heat by passing the thermal energy to every fin.High thermal conductivity can take the heat out of the CPU quickly. 4-PIN Connector PWM Silent Fan Technical Design of Direct-Touched Heat Pipes 4 Pure Copper Heat Pipes Easy Installation, Longer Lifespan
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Antec C400 Glacial CPU Air Cooler for Intel and AMD

Highly efficient cold plate with massive area with the help of the fins and fan increases thermal conductivity. 4-Pin connector PWM Silent Fan automatically controls the speed The 8mm direct-touched pure Copper cold plate 4 pure Copper heat pipes with high thermal conductivity Easy Installation, Longer Lifespan
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Redragon CC-2000 Effect Air CPU Cooler

A little fresh air for your microprocessor; comes to bring the Effect CC2000. But more than a little: a constant and quiet airflow with a cooling capacity that allows you to play, render and demand the mic to the maximum. 4xø6mm Copper heat-pipes 120mm PWM RGB LED Fan Compatible with AMD socket AM4/Intel LGA 115X Four 6mm copper tubes
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Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB Air Cooler With RGB LED PWN Fan

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1st player FIRE BASE G3 RGB Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified Cooling Kit

1st player FIRE BASE G3 RGB Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified Cooling Kit
  • 16.8 million colors addressable RGB LED Lighting
  • Sync ready with motherboard – Synchronize your gaming station
  • 7 fan blade design – offers a balanced air flow and static pressure
  • Low-profile RF remote control RGB controller
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1st player FIREMOON ARGB Fan Cooling Kit

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Cooler Master MasterAir MA410P CPU Cooler, MAP-T4PN-220PC-R1

The MasterAir MA410P is the upgraded version of the MasterAir Pro 4, the Pro standard in CPU air cooling design and production from Cooler Master.
  • 4 heatpipes with Continuous Direct Contact Technology 2.0
  • Countless Colors and Effects
  • Snap and Play
  • Optional push-pull fan configuration
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Cooling Solution For Your CPU

Is your CPU heating up way too much? Well, worry no more, as we are offering you a variety of CPU cooler fans with RGB that are guaranteed to keep your CPU system cool for long hours.  

The computer processing unit is one of the most important components of a computer. It helps the system run smoothly by keeping components inside it cool. However, heat is something that quickly gathers up in a system that is being used for a long time without break. This is what primarily causes a lag in its function. So, you can benefit from a quality CPU Cooler here!

Get The Best CPU Coolers

CPU Coolers come quite in handy, as they prevent your computer from overheating. If your existing CPU cooler isn’t keeping your computer cool, Global Computers has a lot of wonderful solutions. Several well-known brands, like Cougar, Cool Master, and Thermaltake, are accessible on our website and in our store, providing both quality and low cost. You can easily find out the CPU cooler fan price in Pakistan on Global Computers.

Once you install them, they will be positioned in such a way that warm air is pushed away from the heatsink. As a result, your CPU will have an improved exposure to cool air and will be protected from heat.

Buy Your CPU Cooler From Global Computers

Now, if you are looking for a bunch of quality CPU Coolers for your own system, check out our collection at Global Computers. You will find CPU Cooler Fan Price to be affordable and fair to the quality of the cooler. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the CPU cooler best suited for your system and make the purchase now!