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Inkjet printer are the best choice for home and office. These printers work by propelling ink droplets on the paper. It works wirelessly or with a cable connected to the computer. It receives documents or images from the computer to print on paper or top-quality photo paper. For the wireless inkjet printer, anyone from the home can print using a wireless connection between the device and printer. Both devices should link to the same network for the printing process.

Inkjet printer perform really well on non-porous papers. A slightly heavier weight paper that you can find in offices. 24 lb to 20 lb is desirable for this printer. Moreover, inkjet printer utilize paper that has a hard surface that holds back the colours from messing things up. It is a little more expensive than the traditional office copy paper.

Inkjet printers are AIO printers that can do scanning and photocopying too. Same as the copy machine, by placing docs face-down on a glass area. If you are in search of an inkjet printer to add to your personal workspace, then check out our collection.

Characteristics of Inkjet Printers

Most of the home inkjet printers are affordable, small in size, and lightweight. Also, inkjet printers that are used for commercial use are large in size, expensive, and print on a wide range of materials.

The speed of these printers used in homes is typically measured in how many pages per minute it prints in black-ink only and how many pages per minute in color it prints. Moreover, the speed varies in different printers. A typical rating is 10 PPM of black-ink only and 5 PPM of color ink prints. Whereas, commercial-use inkjet printers are quicker than their smaller counterparts and more expensive than it. If you are in search of an affordable price in Pakistan of HP inkjet printer, then check out our collection for the HP inkjet printer price in Pakistan.

Printer Brands at Global Computers

Inkjet printers are an ideal option to print your documents or favourite pictures. You get some fine and crisp prints from these printers. If you are looking for inkjet printers, then we have a reasonable price in Pakistan on EPSON Inkjet printer, check us out right now.