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Gaming Mouses Online In Pakistan

Gaming mouses are the best peripheral that can assist you in gaming and productivity. These mouse utilize click switches and sensors. Moreover, there are many features that you always should look into, such as polling rate, lift-off distance, DPI, CPI, and jitter. All these features work together to give you a better experience.

Switches, Sensors, and Polling Rate:

Switches and sensors play an important role in giving you a better gaming experience. If you are an FPS or MMORPG gamer, then you know which mouse will be suitable for you. You will pick the one that will provide you with full control during your gaming sessions. A suitable sensor will help you with accurate tracking with a DPI range of your choice. There will be no jitter, no acceleration in it. Gaming mouses come with Huano or Omron switches. Most of the mouse use Omron switches. They do a good job. Moreover, with the help of a top-tier sensor, you will get a fast polling rate as well. Polling rate is how your mouse sends data to your computer and how quickly your computer picks it up. It will be really helpful if you are all about taking headshots in your favorite FPS games.


You know it’s all about comfort and grip when the shape is another important factor in a mouse. Of course, you will have to choose between fingertip, claw, and palm grip. Also, never forget which hand you will be using your mouse. You can go for an ergonomic mouse or an ambidextrous one. Whatever makes you comfortable, that is completely your choice.


We told you about the switches that you get inside the gaming mouses. Let’s talk about buttons that are housed in the mouse. For FPS gamers, there are gaming mouses with side buttons. If you are an RPG or MMORPG player, you can get the buttons most preferable on the left side. Sometimes the buttons are on the right side.

At Global Computers, we have a range of different mouses from world-renowned brands to cater to the needs of different gamers. These brands include Redragon, T-Dagger, Cougar, and many more.