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Why Buy External Hard Drives?

External hard drives serve as ready-to-use and portable memory devices, that can be carried anywhere at any time. Portable external hard drives have become fairly popular and larger USBs have now become uncommon. This is usually because external hard drives cater to a much larger space, as much as 8TB, and are easy to carry as well. An 8TB hard drive can fit the front pocket of your jeans, which means using a USB, which is only fairly smaller than an external hard drive, is absurd.

Portable Hard Drive Prices In Pakistan

External hard drives are made by several companies and have become very common. Their common usage has prompted manufacturers to lower their prices to keep the competition up. External hard drives come in a lot of different specifications, the most common being their memory size. You may find external hard drives with as low memory as 512GB, and as high as 8TB. There are some super memory sticks that have storage spaces available upwards of 8GB, but they aren’t very easily commercially available. While the price is usually the same for all brands with the same specifications, some brands tend to be more popular than others simply due to being in the market longer.

Catering To Your Storage Requirements In The Best Way Possible

Most people in Pakistan consider Western Digital (WD) and Seagate to be the pioneers of the external hard drive industry, which is why both of these companies find a particular larger share of the market going to them. Check out Global Computers and find the best external hard drive price in Pakistan that suits your budget and needs.

Why Choose Portable Hard Drives?


This is quite obvious and probably one of the best things about portable hard drives. Yes, their portability. Carrying them here and there is not a problem as it is quite easy to do so, and as mentioned above, you can easily fit them in your jeans pocket. Moreover, you can connect them with any computer and browse all your valuable data anywhere. However, you must know that modern hard drives can only connect to USB 3.0 ports but that shouldn’t be a problem as only 10 to 12 years old computers have USB 2.0.

Very Easy To Use

In all honesty, external hard drives are extremely easy to use. Literally, all you have to do is connect the hard drive to a computer and you are good to go. Yes, trust us, it is that easy.

Our Competitive Edge

At Global Computers, you can get the best quality products at reasonable rates. Not to mention the convenience our website brings for our customers as you can get your favorite product delivered right to your doorstep with just one click.

We at Global Computers provide the best portable hard drive price in Pakistan. Rest assured, feel free to compare our rates with the rest of the market as you will be able to make a much more informed decision.