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M2 SSD At Best Price In Pakistan

The M2 SSD is the next generation of hard drives. It is thinner, has faster access speeds and is available in a variety of different capacities. Unlike the HDD that stores file information on the mainboard itself, the SSD uses a non-volatile memory to store dynamic data on the mainboard and then access that data through a host system when the PC is started. The SSD uses the host OS to boost up speed to perform its operations.

How Do They Work

All these differ from the HDD only in the manner they use the I/O bus interface. The HDD is based on the host OS, whereas all other SSDs use the I/O bus interface. This is mainly because the SSD is an integrated device rather than being part of the host system. Hence the SSD can be updated without the need of a new installation of the OS or without the need of upgrading the physical hardware.

Another difference between the HDD and the M2 SSD is that the latter has a full disk drive. While the HDD has only a single drive, the SSD has two – the PCIE and the NVMe.

When it comes to the SSD’s multi-level paging, the M2 SSD uses a solid state drive controller that is able to switch over a portion of the flash storage when the PCIE is powered down. This enables the SSD to boot faster and that it also conserves power. However, the M2 SSD does not use the PCIE setup in its multi-level paging; instead, it relies on the PCIE itself for the task.

With regards to the NVMe flash storage configuration, the SSDs utilize a host configuration space architecture. The configuration space architecture enables the host system to address different SSDs using the same channel. This setup enables the system to manage two different SSDs that are all running on the same OS platform. Hence, the system can configure all of them at the same time. This is very useful because not all of the SSDs can be accessed at the same time.

M2 SSDs use different drive letters. Each drive letter stands for a distinct device. For example, the PCIE SSD uses the letter “PCIE” to identify itself. The other SSDs use letters denoting the speed of the SSD in binary form. This makes it easy for you to identify which device is which.

Top Brands

At Global Computers, we have a list of M2 SSDs from Samsung, Lexar, XPG, Corsair, WD, GIGABYTE, Transcend, and PNY. Choose the one that suits your needs and order from us right now!