Best Gaming PC RAMs In 2021

Best Gaming PC RAMs

If you have been a part of the PC gaming world for some time now, then you would know very well that RAM is one of the most important component when it comes to PC video games. Video games and their associated memories need lots of RAM for smooth and fast performance. However, video games and their memory demands do not stop with the RAM. The other two elements that are really necessary for a gaming PC are the graphics card as well as the CPU. Let us have a look at what the best gaming PC RAMs in Pakistan are.

Out of all the brands that have come out with their RAMs in the recent past, only two or three can be considered to be the best. The few names that come to mind immediately are XPG, Crucial Ballistic, G.Skill and Aorus. XPG has always been on top of the charts whenever it comes to RAM and they have been developing their products over the years with the help of the most advanced tools that are available these days. Their motherboards and processors are the best gaming pc memory, which can be installed easily. The XPG D60 is one such example.

XPG D60 8GB 3200MHz

It comes with DDR4 3200MHz speed, a variable memory size of 8GB to 32GB, fast clockspeeds of up to 4133Mhz, and more RGB per mm2. This is an amazing combination, which can only be found on XPG D60. For those who have been asking about the prices of these, they need to know that it is priced quite reasonably. It is one of the most top-notch gaming PC RAMs available on the market.

XPG D50 8GB 3600MHZ

XPG has been making some pretty good runs in this field. They are known for producing high quality memory modules as well as for their excellent customer service. It comes equipped with a DDR4 with variable speeds from 3000MHz to 4800MHz. The XPG D50 is also compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms, and has Intel  XMP 2.0 for accessible overclocking.

There are some other manufacturers in this field, who might not have been very popular in the recent times. However they have some really good memory modules in their range. Therefore if you do not want to compromise on the quality, it would be better to check out these memory modules. You might find that one of them is the best for your gaming PC.


One of the best known names in this field is Crucial. Memory modules from Crucial are famous for being used for video gaming. The Crucial Ballistic 8GB Ram has a DDR4 with 3200MHz speed. It packs a CAS latency of 16 with a 16GB kit. Crucial has been making some of the best gaming hardware for years, with the Ballistic 8GB RAM one of the most popular gaming RAMs on the market.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo

The Trident Z Neo is a 16GB RAM with a speed of DDR4 3600MHz. It is very popular among gamers who like playing the latest games with the highest specs. It has a CAS latency of 18 and is compatible with AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs and AMD X570 motherboards.


The Aorus 2X8GB is a top of the line gaming RAM. It is a DDR4 technology RAM with a 3333MHz operating speed. The hardware is 16GB in size and can run all top latest games across the market. The Aorus is fairly popular among gamers and is highly sought after.

However there are various types RAMs available in the market today. You need to find out one that suits your requirements the best. So the question is that which one will be the best gaming PC memory? Well, the best one can be chosen after analyzing the pros and cons of the various models that are available today. If you are ready to spend, then go ahead and select the one that fits your requirements the best.


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