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Benefits Of Using Graphic Tablets

Graphic Tablets

When one talks about the best graphic tablets, one cannot discount the XP-Pen G430S. I myself have been using the XP-Pen for a while now. If you must sum them up, the best graphic tablets are those that connect to your monitor with wireless or USB cable both. Essentially, a graphic tablet consists of a strong and sensitive pen.

XP-Pen G430S

Since the XP-Pen G430S offers so much versatility, this is one such pen that has proven to be free flowing. These models not only provide high precision point and pen drawing ability, but also come equipped with a high response rate. This enables you to use the device without any external peripherals and without having to worry about any compatibility issues.

XP-Pen G640

A factor that should be considered while purchasing the best graphic tablets is the display. The screen size should neither be too small, nor too large. The G640 has a 6.5inch by 4inch screen, giving you enough and ample drawing space. It also has improved compatibility specs, since it is now compatible with all Android 6.0 and above devices. This device also comes with a much improved 8192 pressure sensitivity points. With 6 shortcut keys on the side, it also slows down when the battery is low so you can be indicated before the device completely shuts down.

XP-Pen G960S

When it comes to the pen, the graphic tablets are those that are large in size. The G960s has a 9inch by 6 inch drawing space making it one of the largest non-professional drawing tablets in the market. They should also have high levels of pressure resistance for flawless drawing performance. The pressure levels can be set according to your taste. The G960S has also had an improved battery performance.

Wacom CTL-4100

This piece of drawing hardware comes equipped with a 7.9inch by 6.3inch drawing space. There are many models of drawing tablets available in the market today, which allow you to select the one that best suits your needs. If you are an avid painter, then opting for the higher optical resolution optical devices would be a great idea, as you would be able to paint faster and more accurately. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pen for just sketching then you should go for the lower optical resolution ones. The Wacom CTL-4100 has 4095 pressure sensitivity points, allowing for more detailed sketches.

While purchasing the best graphic tablets, you also need to check the compatibility of the device with your computers and other electronic devices. Since many of the pen tablets have the USB connectivity, they can easily be connected to your computers and other electronic gadgets via the USB cable. You would be able to send and receive images and text via the USB connect.

Wacom CTL-472

The Wacom CTL-472 is a smaller sized graphic tablet. It features a small Wacom drawing platform. For smaller drawing jobs that don’t require too much of attention to detail, the CTL-472 is an amazing choice. It is also a good choice for those who are beginners and want to practice their hands at the craft before spending big.

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