Have The Time Of Your Life With The Best Portable BlueTooth Speakers

BlueTooth Speakers

We all love to blast out our favourite playlist on a nice booming speaker. But sometimes we don’t want to deal with the hassle of turning on huge speakers just to listen to some songs. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as Portable BlueTooth Speakers have totally flipped the plain joy of listening to music. They are perfect for a small gathering or even when you want to blast music in your room. You will get amazing sound quality and won’t have to worry about keeping them by the switchboard. You can place them anywhere and just focus on having a fun time.

Now, many renowned companies are coming out with their own variants of portable BlueTooth speakers, with each one better than the last. So here is a list of the most amazing Portable BlueTooth Speakers at Global Computers.

Tribit X Sound Surf

The Tribit X Sound Surf is advertised as an outdoor water-resistant speaker, and it definitely delivers on that. Apart from that, you wouldn’t normally expect such an amazing sound from such a small audio device, but this speaker is a pleasant surprise. Every track you play on this speaker will give you a full, natural sound and the perfect bass. You are guaranteed to love this little device, regardless of the music you prefer. So give it a go and get ready to be amazed.

Tribit Strombox

The Tribit Strombox will surely surprise you with the intensity of the sound and all the other features it offers. It gives off an amazing bass boost, thank to the dual passive radiator, which enhances every beat of your song. You can even take this BlueTooth speaker to a beach or pool party to liven things up without worrying about water running the speaker, as it is highly water-resistant. Furthermore, you can amplify the sound by liking two Tribit Strombox together.

Tronsmart T6 Max

The amazing Tronsmart T6 Max is a highly compact BlueTooth speaker that gives off the most exceptional sound. It is technically a mini home theatre, as you won’t get the rich and clear sound in any other portable speaker. It has a 60W output with detailed, balanced, and wide-range sound to each and every corner of the room. Plus, it gives you up to 20 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge, so you can let go of your low battery anxiety. It is pretty much the perfect speaker for everyday use.

Tronsmart T6 Plus

Another variant of the Tronsmart Portable BlueTooth Speaker, the Tronsmort T6 Plus, offers a 360-degree surround sound with balanced bass and clear sound. Plus, the variety of unique features makes it perfect for any adventure, whether on a beach or in the mountains somewhere. Tronsmart has stylishly crafted this device and made it comfortable to hold and carry around. A very unique feature of this device is the NFC function, which allows you to easily connect to the speaker by putting the phone in the touch area. So, make sure to give this amazing device a try.

Amazon Echo Dot Speaker – 4th Gen Alexa

We saved the best device for last! The Amazon Echo Dot Speaker features Alexa, which makes it perfect not only for music but also for other home-related functions. There is no doubt that this device delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for a full sound, but the smart speaker is what takes it over the top. You can easily stream songs from Spotify, Apple Music, and many other music applications by simply asking Alexa to ‘play music’.  Apart from that, Alexa helps you control your smart home and do many other things around the house, including setting the alarm, playing the news, checking the weather, and so much more. So, indulge in the world of smart devices with this Portable BlueTooth Speaker.

You can find all of these devices at Global Computer along with many others. So check out our collection and choose one based on your preference.

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