Why Is The 144Hz Monitor Good For Gaming?

144hz monitors

Are you wondering if a 144Hz Monitor good for gaming? Well, let us clear that out for you. If you are someone who is really into competitive gaming, you can’t perform well enough with a 60Hz monitor as you would with a 144Hz one. 

You can find amazing quality 144Hz monitors in Pakistan at Global Computers and you can be assured that they will provide you with a gaming experience worth having. The games will not only be much more enjoyable but you will also have a responsive gaming experience. Additionally, it provides quite an edge to you over your opponents who are still using 60Hz displays to play games. 

Once you begin your gaming journey on a 144Hz monitor, you truly can never go back to your old monitor. But how exactly does the 144Hz monitors differ from other gaming monitors? In this blog, we will explain what a 144Hz display does for you and your gaming experience and if it’s worth your money. 

Does 144Hz Make A Difference?

The simple answer to that question is yes! The 144Hz refresh rate does make quite a difference when it comes to how fast each image loads and rolls in a video. The 60Hz monitor tends to lag and doesn’t really refresh the frames quick enough. 

For example, imagine you are attempting to shoot at a target in your game on a 60Hz display. Essentially, in that monitor, you’d be shooting at a target that’s not even at that place anymore because the frames don’t reload quick enough to keep up with the fast-moving target. This, ultimately, severely affects your death/kill ratio in any of the FPS games.  

However, if you want to use a faster refresh rate, you’ll need a high FPS (frames per second). As a result, make sure you have a strong CPU/GPU for the refresh rates you desire.

Furthermore, a faster frame rate/refresh rate reduces the lagging in input and makes the tearing of frames on the screen less obvious, all of which contribute to overall game responsiveness and immersion.

How Do You Know If A 144Hz Monitor Is The One For You?

While you may not notice or feel any problems when playing on your 60Hz screen right now, if you get a 144Hz monitor and played on it for a while before switching back to 60Hz, you will sense something is missing. That something is what we call more frames per second as compared to a 60Hz monitor. 

Other video games with uncapped frame rates, as well as those that run at a greater number of frame rates on your CPU, will feel smoother. At 144Hz, the movement of your cursor and how it scrolls across the screen will seem much more amazing and satisfying.

However, if you prefer slower-paced and more graphic-centered games, you should prefer a monitor that has a higher resolution rather than one with a high refresh rate.

Ideally, you should consider a monitor that not only offers high resolution but also provides a high refresh rate. The best thing about this consideration is that there isn’t much of a price difference. You can easily find both 60Hz and 144Hz displays that offer 1080p or 1440p resolution at basically the same price point.  

So, if you find yourself wondering about the 144Hz monitor price in Pakistan, Global Computer has the answer for you. We have monitors from the best brand available on our website at the best prices, so you can make your choice based on your budget quite easily. So, check out our collection of 144Hz monitors now and elevate your gaming experience!

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