144 Hz vs 240 Hz: Is a 144 Hz gaming monitor worth it?

144htz monitors

High refresh rates are becoming quite popular these days. Once the standard rate was used to be 60 Hz, then it increased to 144 Hz, followed by 240 Hz. There is no stopping, as technology is advancing at such a high speed, but people often argue whether these increasing refresh rates benefit the user or not.

What is the refresh rate? 

The refresh rate is how many times the screen refreshes itself in a second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother experience you will have. You can have an example for better understanding. For instance, a movie typically has 24 frames per second, so for each second, you will see 24 pictures in a sequence to create a scene. This is the phenomenon of refresh rate.

144 Hz vs 240 Hz

For gaming enthusiasts, there is a constant struggle on whether to stick with their 144 Hz monitor or upgrade to 240 Hz. We will provide a head-to-head comparison to clarify the situation for you.

The time between frames and FPS

The standard time between frames for a 144 Hz monitor is 6.94 ms, and it has less FPS than a 240 Hz monitor, which has a 4.17 ms of time between frames. In competitive gaming, a 240 Hz monitor is preferred as it will provide you with a better gaming experience. For simulation-based gaming, a 144Hz monitor will also serve the same purpose as a 240 Hz one.

Price point

144 Hz gaming monitor price in Pakistan is obviously less than the price of a 240 Hz monitor. Newer technology is always pricey, the same as a 144 Hz monitor is more expensive than a 60 Hz monitor. You will obviously have to pay a better price if you buy better features.

PC Gaming

The leading cause of these continuous upgrades is gaming. PC gaming has pushed all the manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon and start manufacturing these monitors. Also, the main customers of these monitors are gaming freaks only.

When you go up in Hertz from 144 to 240, in that case, you will definitely notice the difference in the image’s smoothness while playing fast-paced video games. But it won’t obviously help you in getting more headshots in the FPS games or any other game you are playing. A higher refresh rate monitor for an intense gamer will improve the gaming experience by minimizing screen tears.

Which one should you buy? 

If you are a gamer who wants to play fast-paced and competitive games regularly and whose PC can regularly support playing above 144 Hz, a 240 Hz monitor upgrade will be worth it. Even if you get close to 144 Hz and have a component upgrade in your plan, you can also buy a 240 Hz one. A 240 Hz monitor in Pakistan is also worth the money as it will elevate your fast-paced gaming experience.

If you are more into simulation-based gaming, a 144 Hz monitor is perfect for you. For this type of gaming, a 144 Hz monitor will serve the same experience as a 240 Hz monitor would.

Final thoughts

Now you decide what you want. If you want to have a smooth experience of gaming, then go ahead and make an upgrade. On the other hand, if you are tight on the budget, stick to your 144 Hz monitor as it is no less. Remember, you won’t find a drastic difference between a 144 Hz monitor and a 240 Hz monitor, as you can see between 60 Hz and 144 Hz. That is why we recommend investing in 240 Hz monitors for those with a high gaming rig and who have beast PCs.

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