Why Earbud Lovers Should Check Out SoundPEATS As A Brand With Quality and Value for Money

SoundPEATS Air 3

SoundPEATS was founded in 2010 by music enthusiasts and sports lovers, so of course, they managed to develop a brand that offers unmatchable quality for the value of money.

The Price Spectrum

SoundPEATS is available at a spectrum of prices, making it easy for you to choose from. Whether you’re the type of person that searches with the ‘low to high price’ filter on or the other way around, we make sure that there’s something for everyone when you buy anything by SoundPEATS.

Headphones price in Pakistan can many times come off as misleading. You could trust the price and end up coming home with a product that only lasts you ten days. Put your trust in SoundPEATS because we take pride in providing the most refined products for the value of money.

Great Quality

Just because something is very expensive doesn’t mean it’s of the best quality. The team at SoundPEATS has engineered the best of the best without you having to break your bank. The average earbuds price in Pakistan has recently shot up sky-high. Not SoundPEATS! For the value of money, you get wonderful isolation performance and an excellent wireless range.

Not only that, but the SoundPEATS earbuds are also very well built (don’t be fooled by their elegant design because they’re pretty durable!)

Specifications And Features

Let’s get to the juicy bit of the article – the specifications. When you think of buying earphones, you think of what matters to you the most. Do you need something that would last you over 30 hours? Earbuds that are specifically for gaming? Earphones that are waterproof? Or just some basic earbuds in a compact charging case?

No matter where your priorities lie, SoundPEATS is the answer to all your earbud needs. Let’s look at a couple of products specifically.

The SoundPEATS True Air 3 Pro comes with noise canceling with Bluetooth version V5.2. Fancy, but what’s V5.2? We’ll get right to that in a bit. The SoundPEATS True Air 3 Pro is great for music or voice calls, so if you’re still working from home or have a habit of taking phone calls on a long drive, these are for you! Now, coming back to V5.2, this is the latest Bluetooth version. While most updates are monotonous, the changes in Bluetooth version 5.2 are revolutionary in the sense that they significantly increased the range for signals to be transmitted. The last version supported up to a 50 feet distance while V5.2 brought it up to about 120 feet! Now that’s what we call high-end.

The SoundPEATS Free2 classic Wireless Earbuds are precisely what the name suggests; classic, and nothing beats that. They come with a Bluetooth version 5.1, 30 hours of playtime, and are the perfect earbuds for everyday use. 

Design Variation

If we’re all unique with individualistic traits, why must we all wear the same-looking earbuds? Whether your style is a little edgy or you’re going for the professional chic look, SoundPEATS has something for you.

With premium designs, a modern color palette, and a futuristic vibe, there’s no need to look any further because SoundPEATS has got it all.

Something For Everyone

If you’re somebody that struggles to buy earbuds just because they keep falling out or the shape of your ear is the type that doesn’t sit well with the conventional earbuds, then worry no more. SoundPEATS earbuds have a plethora of designs for specific ear types.

Check out Global Computers and browse all the different designs SoundPEATS has to offer and find your perfect match!

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