iPad or MacBook: Which is the best option for your studies?

ipad and macbook

If you’re starting college this year, you’ve probably debated whether you should buy a MacBook or an iPad to aid your studies. The truth is that each device will assist you in taking notes, writing essays, and reading papers online, but they have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Of course, most colleges will allow access to laptops in their libraries, but having your own device for studying is far more convenient.

This blog examines various scenarios and applications to help you determine whether an iPad or a Mac is right for you. Let’s get this started!

iPad vs. Mac – Design

This is possibly the critical distinction between an iPad and a Mac. You can choose between an iMac desktop computer and a laptop when using a Mac (Apple MacBook Air MGN63 or Apple Macbook Pro 2021). Since you can take both an iPad and a MacBook with you, that is the only fair comparison. Based on that, a MacBook has a standard screen + keyboard. You have a lot more options with an iPad: You can use it as is without any accessories, or you can add a keyboard case, an external keyboard, a trackpad keyboard case, or a mouse.

iPad vs. Mac – Operating System and Apps

The Mac uses macOS, while the iPad uses iPadOS: two very different operating systems. macOS is a typical computer operating system. Working with multiple apps will be significantly faster and more productive with a Macbook.

iPadOS is a newer operating system with a different purpose where an increasing number of work programs are accessible, such as Office or Photoshop. The iPad, such as Apple iPad Air 4 or Apple iPad 9, has the benefits of having millions of entertainment Apps and games that the Mac does not have. In a nutshell, the Mac is designed to be a work or study computer. The iPad is successful at mixing work and play.

The iPad Is Ideal For Handwritten Notes Or Drawing

As the iPad features a touch screen and a unique attachment like the Apple Pencil, it is ideal for designers and others who want to write notes by hand. The Apple Pencil allows you to do unlimited things, such as highlight PDFs, sign documents, create diagrams, and draw. Whatever your thoughts desire!

iPad vs. Mac – Battery and Connectivity 

The Mac and iPad both include USB-C connectors. Hard and flash drives are connected to either device via adapters. Both device batteries can be used continuously without bringing a charger around. The MacBook Air has an 18-hour battery life compared to the iPad’s 10-hour battery life; thus, the Mac will provide you considerably more freedom. 

There is a unique feature on the iPad. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can purchase the Cellular option, which enables you to put a SIM card into the iPad and use mobile data anytime. 

You can see that the iPad is significantly more adaptable than the Mac. However, the Mac is still the best option if you want to work and enjoy more complicated apps and a more traditional experience. Are you still undecided? You are welcome to visit Global Computers if you want our sales experts to recommend what might work best for you. 

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