SSDs Vs. HDDs – Which Should You Choose For Gaming?

SSDs Vs. HDDs - Which Should You Choose For Gaming

One of the bigger debates within the community of gaming PC building is whether you should choose SSDs as your main storage or HDDs. It used to be that HDDs were the main storage. But with the introduction of SSDs, and their quick read and write speeds, people are starting to move toward them.

But are SSDs really that advantageous? How much of a difference do they make? And are HDDs still relevant? There are pros to choosing either one. So, we will be taking an in-depth look into this debate in this blog. Read on.

SSDs vs. HDDs – The Battle For Storage

1.     Speed

When it comes to speed, SSDs are inarguably superior. Their read and write speeds far exceed those of an HDD. Their speed is so brilliant that many people buy SSDs to install their OS in them to improve the Windows boot-up time.

Which has worked. Windows 10 boot-up time is halved and, in some cases, quartered with the OS installed in an SSD as compared to an HDD.

The read and write speed of an SSD has also had a significant impact on the loading of games. As they load considerably faster too.

2.     Longevity

The argument for longevity isn’t really separated by a big gap between the technologies. HDDs are known to last much longer, but SSDs aren’t too far behind either. The fact is that modern HDDs and SSDs are both made with high-quality materials. So, they both can last an almost equal amount of time.

3.     Durability

In this department, SSDs get the upper hand. This is simply because SSDs are fully chip-based and don’t really have any moving parts as an HDD does. HDDs are more prone to damage from shock. So, it is best that you don’t drop any HDDs any time soon.

4.     Capacity and Pricing

Of course, we know to get to the part that really matters with any storage device. How much can it store, and how much does it cost to get that storage? Talking from a purely numerical perspective, SSDs cost more because of the speeds that they can reach. While HDDs are still cheaper.

As for storage capacity, in this department, HDDs are clear winners because they can reach pretty insane numbers. Having a 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, or even a bigger HDD isn’t too uncommon. But having an SSD above 4TB is pretty rare and much more expensive.

So, the total cost per GB of an SSD is higher compared to an SSD.

What’s The Verdict?

From the perspective of a gaming PC builder, you have to consider your priorities when choosing between the two. If you are concerned with installing a lot of games or like to store a lot of stuff on your computer and make frequent on-drive backups, we recommend going for HDDs, as they offer more value for money.

And if you aren’t concerned too much about the budget and just want the fastest and most efficient build, then we recommend adopting SSDs as your main storage option.

Alternatively, you could adopt the most popular way of doing things, which is installing an SSD for your OS and keeping an HDD for other storage uses.

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To Wrap Up

Whichever side you choose in the debate, there are pros of having either technology that you can’t ignore.

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