Power Supply Unit (PSU) – How Important Is It & How To Choose The Right One?

PSU How Important Is It

We know what a power supply unit, or PSU for short, does. As is mentioned in the name, it supplies power to the components of the PC, such as the motherboard, the CPU, GPU, and other various components. But the role of PSUs in modern PCs is much more complex than just supplying power.

The right power supply won’t necessarily enhance your usage or gaming experience, but it will help your computer run more efficiently. It will also be able to bear power surges much more, and it will also extend the life of your PC components much more than any old PSU could.

But how are they complex? And if you are building a PC, how do you ensure that you are choosing the right one? This blog is meant as a guide, and in it, those questions will be answered. Keep reading to find out.

Exploring The Power Supply Unit (PSU)

1.     A Critical Component

A PSU is pretty much a gateway. Without it, you could have all the nicest and most expensive computer equipment, and it wouldn’t matter. A lot of people don’t think about the PSU as much as they think about other components.

They focus on the CPU and GPU and if they are compatible with each other or not. They focus on other components, but when it comes to the PSU, they try to get things done as simply as possible. As long as the PSU fulfills the TDP requirement, they are content. But there is so much more to the PSU.

2.     Wattage

Wattage matters. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the right TDP is required to make sure that your PC even boots up. Wattage is an important factor to consider just as much as you would consider the cores of a CPU.

If you are unsure of how much wattage you need from your PSU, take all your components, and measure their total TDP. And then get a PSU with a total wattage of around 25% more than the total TDP that you calculated. So, if you happen to have a PC with components that consume around 400W, you should get a PSU with a total wattage of 500W. This allows for installation or replacement of parts without you having to replace the PSU to accommodate the power demand.

3.     Rating & Certification

Every PSU will have a rating on it. You will see PSUs that are certified in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and such. These certifications denote the efficiency and reliability of the power supply. There are also ratings such as 80 Plus. This means that at all times, under all kinds of stress, the power supply will maintain 80% efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, it is always best to choose the power supply with the best rating and certification.

Global Computers’ Top 5 PSU Picks

1.     XPG CORE REACTOR 850W Gold Fully Modular PSU

One of the most powerful and efficient PSUs that we have in our collection comes from the XPG. This power supply is certified Gold.

2.     XPG PYLON 750W 80 Plus Bronze PSU

Rated 80 Plus and certified bronze, the XPG Pylon 750W is a power supply that is great for people who want a lot of power on a budget.

3.     CORSAIR RM 750X 750W Gold Fully Modular PSU

Corsair products are well-known all around for their quality and reliability. This fully modular PSU is definitely on that list too.


Redragon’s popularity is relatively recent, but that doesn’t mean that their products are any less great. This PSU is proof of that.

5.     COUGAR GEX750 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU

Long-lasting and durable, the Cougar GEX750 is the gold standard in PSUs. And it is certified Gold too.

To Wrap Up

See a PSU you liked? We have a whole collection of them that we think you’ll love. Whatever your budget or build is, we can provide you with a PSU for that. Order from Global Computers’ website today!

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