Is It Worth Buying An iPad Pro Now?

ipad pro price in pakistan

If you are a tech-savvy person and love to get your hands on modern and smart technology devices, you must have come across the iPad pro. Are you still wondering whether to invest in it or not? You are at the right place. We will share some of the highlighting features that the iPad Pro offers. You can go through our blog and decide for yourself if the features are exciting and if the Apple iPad Pro price in Pakistan is justified according to the features it offers. 


Multitasking on the new Ipad pro is more powerful and intuitive than ever. The two-way multitasking it offers allows you to work more efficiently. You can slide over or split view and use multiple apps simultaneously. Split view lets you open two or three apps on the screen with their own resizable panels. At the same time, slide-over allows you to view two apps simultaneously on the screen, with one app in a narrow pane floating on top of the second one. 

Smart Features

When using an iPad pro, after leaving a certain app and opening some other app, you don’t have to go to the homepage to reopen it. You just have to scroll on the screen and find the app that you were using earlier. This is because all the apps are saved on the screen. For instance, you are playing games, and you leave the app to reply to an email, then a Facebook notification pops in, and you have to respond. After answering, you need to go back again to the games. You won’t need to go to the homepage again and reopen the games app, but you just have to flap on your screen to open the previously opened apps and play the games again. 

Apple Ecosystem

When you get your hands on the iPad Pro, you can make your work a lot easier by connecting it to the Apple ecosystem. You can connect your iPhone or Macbook with your iPad and do your chores easily anywhere. For instance, you are in the car or flight and don’t have your MacBook with you. You can easily use your Ipad pro and do all the necessary work.

Use of Apple pencil

The Apple Pencil allows you to take notes, keep a journal, draw, mark up documents, and many other things on your iPad Pro screen. iPad is always available to capture your brightest ideas which you can easily share, build, and bring to life with an iPad pro. With Apple Pencil, you can write or draw on your iPad screen, and your handwritten content can be just as powerful as typed text. You can easily copy and paste it as a typed text.

Easy to use

Apple iPad Pro comes with magnificent and next-generation features but with the most user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. No matter if you are an old Apple user or not, you will face no difficulty in using the iPad pro. The large screen and bright display make every icon visible clearly, making it ideal to use for users of all ages.


It can be very hectic to carry your charger or power bank everywhere you go. With iPad pro, you can be free from the tension of having a charger or power bank as the gigantic battery can allow you to work for hours without draining. When traveling, you can use your iPad Pro for several hours, and still, your battery won’t be dead. 

Bottom line

With this many benefits, it is obvious that investing in an iPad Pro is the best idea, and now is the correct time to buy it. When you have decided to buy one, make sure to buy it from a trusted source. Global Computers can be the best platform to buy your iPad pro. We have all models of iPads at the most affordable rates. Moreover, we have other Apple products, including Macbook and Apple AirPods pro, at the best priceYou can visit our website to find Laptops, Computer accessories, and gaming PC prices in Pakistan.

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