What Is A Good MacBook To Buy Right Now?

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Apple devices have always been in talks for their high performance and superior quality. When we compare them to other devices, they last longer and run through lesser faults than others. MacBook, similarly, can be a perfect choice if you are looking to buy a laptop. These mighty devices can be a one-time investment that will last you for years without any faults and bugs. Let’s have a look at some popular MacBooks and their distinguishing features. Keeping in mind their features, you can check Apple MacBook prices in Pakistan and decide what you want.  

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro 2021

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro is the perfect choice for all users, including developers, filmmakers, photographers, music producers, 3D artists, and more. 

● With Apple M1 Pro 10-Core Chip, this MacBook has the ultimate power to handle your professional workflows.

● The 16.2″ Liquid Retina XDR display with a 3456 x 2234 resolution, 1,600 nits of peak brightness, 1,000 nits of sustained brightness, P3 color gamut support, and more.

● Up to 1 TB of SSD storage will let you launch the apps within microseconds. You will be able to store massive files and documents easily.

● The exceptional refresh rate of 120 Hz will let video editors work efficiently. Moreover, it helps maximize battery life while also making tasks feel more smooth and more responsive. The refresh rate also makes the Apple MacBook Pro the best gaming laptop for gaming enthusiasts.

Apple MacBook Air CTO M1 chip

If you want to get your hands on the thinnest and lightest MacBook advanced with the features of the M1 chip, invest in the Apple MacBook Air CTO M1 chip. This MacBook price in Pakistan is relatively lower, and you will find incredible features at this price. 

● You’ll have access to the biggest collection of apps for any other MacBook. Run powerful apps built for M1, and for the first time, you can use iPhone and iPad apps directly on macOS Big Sur.

● 3.5x faster CPU speed and 5x faster GPU speed make this MacBook one of the fastest laptops to work on.

● The silent fanless feature makes the Apple MacBook Air device a heaven to work with.

● Mighty battery life of up to eighteen hours can allow you to work seamlessly for hours without worrying about charging the device. 

Apple MacBook Air Core i7 10th Generation

Sleek design, slim body, and ravishing looks make Apple MacBook Air Core i7 10th Generation the best choice for business as well as personal use. 

● Connectivity is much better with amazing features, including 2x Thunderbolt Ports, 2x USB ports (3.0), an HDMI slot, and a memory card reader slot.

● The force touch technology makes the overall feel much better. It tickles the finger that feels like you are clicking, but it is the Haptic Technology that enhances the experience.

● Incredibly long battery life of straight 22 hours when you are using light mode and 10+ hours on High Definition Videos playback.

● 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD make the work smoother than ever. You will experience no lagging even if you are working with massive files.

Bottom line

We have shared the highlighting features of the top three MacBooks that are most famous among customers. Clearly, no one is the winner as all of them have magnificent features that make no one less than the other one. Now it depends on your usage and budget on what you want to buy. After you have made your decision on what model you purchase, it is essential to pick an authentic seller. Global Computers can be your choice to get all models of MacBook at the best rates. Order through us and receive your MacBook at your doorstep. 

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