Ink Tank Printers – Why They’re A Great Investment?

Ink Tank Printers - Why They’re A Great Investment

In older times, people used to worry about the high prices of printer cartridges especially inkjet cartridges. Living in this era, you should consider yourself lucky as companies like Epson, Brother, HP, and Canon have introduced ink tank printers as a solution to this consumer pain point. As it is clear from their name, these printers use ink tanks which allow them to hold more ink compared to expensive standard ink cartridges. Capable of printing thousands of pages at a comparatively lower cost, Ink tank printers have grown to become one of the most cost-effective printing solutions available today. They allow you to save up to 80% compared to standard inkjet printers. If you’re looking for one of these printers, you must not purchase without knowing about the best of them. Considering this, we’ve made a list of some of the best Ink tank printers for you. Here you go.

Epson L L4150 Wireless Inkjet Multifunction Printer

Providing you excellent printing results and a speed of 33 ppm Mono and 15 ppm color, the Epson EcoTank L4150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Printer has been designed for professional photographers helping them to add life to pictures while reducing total operational costs. They can be used for printing, scanning, and other advanced features so you can make the most out of your printer, saving time and money. With these printers, professional-quality documents (colored or B&W) can be printed with stunning clarity. Also, you will be able to configure the settings and check the status of the printer on a 1.46” screen.


HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 Printer

If you’ve got projects and assignments that require a lot of printing and you’re worried about spending a lot,  the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 Printer might be all you need. It allows you to print out thousands of pages without spending a lot. You’ll be able to print up to 8,000 pages (color) or 6,000 pages (black) at an unimaginably low cost per page. With HP’s unique tank system, you’ll be able to restore ink levels easily using the spill-proof resealable bottle.

Epson L805 Wi-Fi Photo Ink Tank Printer

Offering an extreme-low-cost per print solution for wireless photo printing, Epson L805 Wi-Fi Photo Ink Tank Printer was primarily created for photographers, photo labs, educational organizations, and advertising agencies. This printer comes with a 1 year or 3,000 prints warranty, and with its hassle-free setup and reliable printing, it will become easier for you to increase productivity and reduce downtime. The L805’s also has integrated Wi-Fi support and a wide spectrum of six inks bring you to print conveniently using your mobile devices and a wireless network.

HP Smart Tank 515 printer

Available in black and grey colors and an elegant design, it has an appearance similar to other printers from brand HP, just slightly larger in size. However, do not get tricked by its size; this printer is really light-weighted. Actually, this printer allows you for more than just printing and can be considered an all-in-one solution. It comes with a scan bed on top, using which a single A4 sheet can be held and scanned in color or black and white. You can directly print the scanned image with the “Print” command from the console present on the top front of the printer.

To Wrap Up:

Considering all this, Ink tank printers are an excellent solution to increase cost-effectivity and performance. If you’re looking for the right ink tank printer, this guide will make it much easy for you, and if you’re confused about where to find them, Global computer has you covered. Visit us now for all kinds of printers and other accessories.

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