Building A Gaming PC: Must Haves To Build A Solid System


Gaming fanatics know the importance of customizing the right PC. You need to have all parts completely complement each other. To have a fantastic gaming experience, you need to have perfectly compatible parts that are right for the job. 

For gaming veterans, the task is easy. They are up to date with the best gadgets available in the market. They know what parts work in perfect sync and then choose the gadgets accordingly. However, not many people know the right things that’ll enhance their gaming experience. 

Most people believe that having the right graphics card is the only requisite for a mind-blowing gaming experience. While the significance of a powerful graphics card can never be undermined, it’s not the only thing at work. You need to ensure that other parts support the card so that it can give the maximum output. 

To have you build a PC that gives you a fantastic gaming experience, here are 5 things that you must have:

PC Case

Most people never pay attention to this, but casing plays an important role in build the right gaming PC. While there are options for beautiful RGB cases, the most important thing is to find a casing that accommodates all the components easily.   

Your components need to be well arranged inside and not jumbled up. Selecting the right case will make things easy and manageable. Also, it plays a part in keeping the components cool when you play heavy-duty games!

Power Supply

People often take the power supply for granted. They spend countless thousands on other parts but try and buy cheap power supplies. In fact, some even go for the used ones!

While cheap supplies and the used ones might work right, it puts your pc at risk at all times. One fluctuation in voltage and all your parts can become bricks. Always choose a power supply that’ll keep your PC safe. 


There’s no use of investing tons of money on building a PC without getting a significant monitor to support the PC specs. All the investment that gamers do is to get a seamless gaming experience. 

Imagine building a PC worth 5 lacs and then buying a used 24 inch LED to play the games. Sure you’ll get the display but you’ll not get the display you deserve. A good PC needs a good monitor. Consider the following things before purchasing a monitor.

  • Panel
  • Refresh Rate
  • Ports and Connector
  • Screen Size

These are the things you must consider. The right monitor will enhance your gaming experience by at least 10 folds. You can visit Global Computers to get the best Gaming monitors in Pakistan. If you are just interested in knowing LCD prices in Pakistan then you can visit the website and select the best monitor within your budget.


Your motherboard is literally the mother that’ll nourish all the other parts in the PC. If you use a substandard board then you’ll risk losing it all. Moreover, your motherboard needs to be compatible with your PC to give the optimized output. 

Heat Sink

Heavy-duty gadgets need external cooling systems to remain cool. Gaming PCs exude lots of heat and can go bad if they aren’t properly cooled. To ensure that your precious gaming PC works optimally and doesn’t blow up due to heat, you need to invest in a Heat Sink. 


A PC without UPS will always be at mercy of your electricity supplier. Unanticipated power outages can destroy integral components on your PC. Many parts don’t even have warranty claims for getting ruin because of electricity shortage. 

A UPS will ensure that your PC is safe from unforeseen power outages.

Final Words

The gaming industry is booming worldwide. To have the best gaming experience you need to put up the right parts together. To find the best gadgets to build the perfect gaming PC, visit Global Computers

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