Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Gaming Mouse

Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Gaming Mouse

In order to get the most out of a gaming experience, a gamer must have all the necessary equipment and accessories including a state of the art gaming mouse. A mouse that is comfortable to use and fits nicely with the gamer’s playing style is every gamer’s dream. Playing with an ordinary mouse is always an option but if you want to get the most perfect gaming experience, then you should definitely consider purchasing a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse has many properties and features that separate it from an ordinary mouse.

Here is an example to better help you understand. A gaming mouse has a much modern integrated software that allows customization of tweaking and is able to handle high CPI and DPI. As far as high latency is considered, an ordinary mouse takes the lead. Furthermore, for a gaming mouse to be used to its full potential, it must use sensors, as they help to keep up with faster movements.

The features mentioned are just some of the few features that distinguish a gaming mouse from an ordinary mouse. With that being said, if you are considering purchasing a gaming mouse then you have come to the right place, as Global Computers is here to assist you with your purchase decision. So, without further ado, let us dive into the world of gaming mouses and learn everything there is to know about.

Different Playing Styles

The requirements of a gaming mouse are entirely dependent on the type of game you play. As a result, the game that you want to play or you intend on playing will ultimately reflect your purchase decision of a gaming mouse. For instance, MMO and RTS gamers require extra buttons to assign them to do certain tasks whereas FPS gamers only focus on accuracy and speedy tracking.

Types Of Sensors Available On The Mouse.

Choosing the right gaming mouse according to the sensors is entirely up to your own preference. Gamers are rather confused between optical and laser sensors. Both are relatively nice but if you have room for only one type of mouse then let us help you decide. An optical mouse is arguably more firm when it comes to providing better reactive sensors and an overall improved gaming experience. Moreover, as great as the optical mouse may be, but as compared to a laser mouse, an optical mouse can not exhibit the same amount of lag.

Wireless Or Wired Mouse?

A few years back, wireless mouses were known to be quite slow and tedious at times, as they had low responsive abilities when needed the most. However, the advancement in technology has enabled the wireless mouse to rise as now, a wireless mouse is capable of functioning the same as a wired mouse.

In our opinion, both of them are great. However, a wireless mouse is a better option because it provides you with the flexibility to move it free much better.

Counts Per Inch And Dots Per Inch

Dots Per Inch, or more commonly known as DPI refers to the rate of pixels your cursor will move on the screen according to the movements of the mouse. Typically, the size of the screen usually determines the dots per inch. In essence, the bigger the screen, the better dots per inch ratio you are going to need. As a result, higher dots per inch can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Similarly, counts per inch or more commonly known as CPI is the physical resolution of the camera that is utilized in the mouse sensors. It basically refers to the samplings per inch. Both the DPI and CPI can gauge your mouse’s sensitivity.


Weights of the mouse also play a major role in determining which mouse is more suitable for you. Although this factor is relatively subjective, it is still preferable to consider it.

Heavy mouse often takes the lead in popularity as they provide a more firm grip. However, this does not mean that lightweight mouse are forgotten and useless. Some people still prefer lightness over more weight but this topic is still up for debate.

Conclusive thought

At Global Computers, we provide the best quality gaming mouse and other related computer hardware. Moreover, our merchandise is known to be of the highest quality and at reasonable prices so without delays, check out our store now.

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