How To Buy The Right CPU Cooler: A Guide For 2021

How To Buy The Right CPU Cooler A Guide For 2021

The invention of high-tech processors and other pc components has enabled the user to fulfil all their computing needs. With all these high-functioning components, your pc will surely become powerful, but it can also get pretty hot. Keeping your CPU protected from heat while it handles everything you throw at is an incredibly crucial thing. It’s highly recommended that you never build a computer without making sure that it has a proper cooling system installed. However, If you’re not aware of your system specifications properly and you’re new to this stuff, finding a nice compatible cooler might be confusing for you. If this is your case, there is absolutely no need to worry because we’ve made this brief guide that will tell you all you need to know about CPU coolers and help you select a suitable one to keep your CPU cool and ensure proper efficiency.

What are CPU coolers?

CPU coolers are amazing devices designed to throw away the processor produces. It comes with an arrangement of radiators, fans, and other elements. All these cooling components work in combination to protect the vital working parts of your computer from the generated heat energy by making it flow away without damaging the hardware. These coolers show high performance even when your system is running at a full turbo frequency of 5 GHz. The best thing about CPU coolers is that they are available at really affordable prices (especially if you choose an air CPU cooler). A wide variety of CPU coolers is available in the market, but you should remember that each unit is designed for a specific goal. Here are some best CPU coolers that you can consider purchasing for your system:

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410P CPU Cooler:

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410P CPU Cooler was introduced as an innovated version of the MasterAir Pro 4, one of the best and most professional CPU air cooling designs Cooler Master has ever created. This time, the company has taken it up a notch by providing the Continuous Direct Contact Technology 2.0 (CDC 2.0) in the MA410P CPU Cooler. This technology has increased the surface area of the cooler base by 45%, making it much efficient. Not only this CPU cooler is silent and efficient in heat transfer, but due to the added bonus of the MasterFan 120 Air Balance RGB, it can also be considered the most vibrant and fun choice when it comes to air cooling. Gamers will absolutely love it! If you’re looking for performance, silence, and quality RGB lighting, all in one, there can be no better choice than the MasterAir MA410P.

Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML360L ARGB V2 Liquid Cooler:

With the latest 3rd Gen dual-chamber pump, the Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML360L ARGB V2 Liquid Cooler has a quieter cooling performance. Due to its improved design on the internal impeller and housing, its cooling performance is enhanced and much more efficient by lowering the noise level. It has an updated pump design with upgraded internal components and provides enhanced resistance for wear and tear. This contributes to its durability and longer-lasting performance. For the construction of this cooler, Master Cooler has used specially formulated industrial grade EPDM to provide you with reinforced sealing to prevent leakage. Due to its increased surface area, it is better with heat dissipation. However, the best thing about it is its catchy and attractive appearance. With ARGB ready pump and fans, you’ll be able to have the best experience of cooling brilliantly.

Lian Li Galahad 240 AIO CPU Cooler ARGB

This is an amazing all-in-one CPU cooler. The Lian Li Galahad was made with the purpose to improve the system performance, and it is available in two colors: black and white. You can find this cooler is two sizes, 240mm and 360mm. The cooler is powered with ARGB high static pressure fan that works at a variable speed of 800 to 1900 rpm, and can be operated on DC mode and PWM. The airflow is of 69.17 CFM, and has a very aesthetic look. Get this outstanding cooler that comes with a 5 year warranty.

Aerocool Pulse L240F ARGB Hydro Cooler

The Pulse L240F comes with a super-quality liquid cooling solution and as an aesthetic Halo LED design. The cooler has multiple built-in addressable Rgb fans, along with 8 top-notch Rgb lighting modes that you can adjust using the LED control switch. This device allows you to directly connect to the addressable Rgb motherboards and fans, with the help of the embedded addressable Rgb compatibility.

Conclusive Thoughts:

This information is enough to give you a gist about CPU coolers and help you make a good choice. If you’re looking for CPU coolers, including the ones mentioned above, Global Computer has you covered.

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