5 Best Mechanical Keyboards For Typing You Need To Know

Best Mechanical Keyboards

As there are multiple types of every necessary computer accessory, the same is the case with the keyboards. Today, the most common keyboards are membrane keyboards. This means that the keys don’t have individual switches; instead, all keys are connected together by a rubber dome that is spread under the keyboard. It is true that such keyboards are cheap, but they spoil the overall typing and computing experience.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards have an individual switch under each key. This allows fast, accurate and smooth typing. Not only this, the sensational noise they these keyboards make when you press the keys is very satisfying. As each key is independent, mechanical keyboards are more durable than their membrane counterparts.

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1# Cougar Attack X3

This product comes at the best mechanical keyboard price in Pakistan. The keyboard has four Cherry MX switches. The switches are Black, Brown, Red, and Blue. The best thing about this product is the simplicity. The keyboard looks just like an ordinary membrane keyboard, but the satisfaction and comfort that it provides is unmatchable. As per the manufacturer, the keyboard is designed to provide maximum satisfaction, comfort, and durability.

2# T-Dagger Bali T-TGK311

The keyboard is simple, yet it looks modern. Along with the great design, the backlight provides an appealing touch to the product. For backlight, there are seven different options. If you want to purchase this keyboard, you can get it from Global Computers at Pakistan’s best wireless keyboard price. You can either buy this great mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, or Black. The keyboard is a bit expensive than the previous option.

3# Meetion MK007

If you are looking for something vintage, then this keyboard is the best option for you. The product is often termed “the original tactile keyboard”. The Meetion MK007 is as loud and as big as it was when it was first released back in 1984. In this keyboard, buckling switches are used to operate keys. This provides a vintage and classic clicking sound.

4# TDagger Bora T-TGK315

This product has something for everyone as it provides compatibility with both Mac and PC operating systems. Famous for its gaming accessories, TDagger has created a keyboard that does not only provide 10-key rollover support but also provides technology that helps users to press down on the keys slightly to operate the key. This technology allows users to type efficiently as well as quickly.

5# Bloody B3370R-8

The keyboard comes with 2 USB ports as well as a Full N-key rollover. This allows the computer to get input from more than one key at a time. You can purchase this keyboard with either Cherry MX Brown switches or Cherry MX Blue switches. The blue switches provide a louder noise, and they feel light when typing. On the other hand, the brown switches are soft to touch.


Mechanical keyboards are getting popular nowadays. Not only gamers but typists are also switching to mechanical options. Talk about comfort, satisfaction, ease, speed, technology, style, or efficiency. Mechanical keyboards has everything.

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