Why Should Gamers Invest In Gaming 144hz Monitors Than Ordinary Led Monitors?

gaming monitor

Recently, a huge revolution in online gaming and esports took place, leading gaming industry development to a greater extent. Rather than just sitting on a chair, pressing some buttons, and playing games, the industry has grown profitably. Therefore, to stand as an up-to-date and professional gamer, one should have all the solid and robust equipment for the gaming setup. One should also invest in keeping the entire setup equipped with the latest components. The most crucial thing about a well-equipped gaming setup is the gaming monitors or LCDs. Undoubtedly, a gamer knows the real value of a gaming monitor. Here we will discuss the significant reasons why they should invest in it; we will also look at some of the best gaming monitors you can easily find and purchase from Global Computers at a reasonable price.

Role Of Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are made to maximize the visual quality of your graphics card and CPU output when you play games. They portray color, motion, and image sharpness in various ways, but they are ultimately responsible for showing the results of your computer’s image rendering and processing.

The significant reasons why a gamer should invest in Gaming Monitors are:

  • It improves productivity while having fun or working hard on a project.
  • A clear image and display of the scenario is a must, and you can get such quality with a widescreen monitor.
  • Most web videos these days are stretched out to a broader aspect ratio because many more recent Hollywood films are now being made in a wider aspect ratio; standard monitors perform pretty well for video.
  • A widescreen gaming monitor will give a better gaming experience in such a case; your gaming progress could get a boost with these monitors.

Some recommended gaming monitors will be a perfect fit for your gaming setup. 

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 inch 24’’ 144Hz

BenQ offers quality monitors that give a great gaming experience. Going through the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 24hz 144 Gaming Monitor Specs, we found that its Non-Reflective Bezels are made to help players concentrate on their games more efficiently. Professional players devised, evaluated, and selected it for several reasons.

Viewsonic XG2405 24

The Specs of Viewsonic XG2405 24 are massively amazing. This monitor is perfect for casual and professional gamers. It mixes vivid IPS colors, hyper-responsive controls, and speed.

The Viewsonic XG2405 24 monitor has a premium technology of IPS-panel gaming, a quick response time of 1ms, and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Furthermore, it has a 3-side borderless, ergonomic design ideal for any gaming setup.

Viewsonic VX2458-P-MHD 24 144hz

The specs of Viewsonic VX2458-P MHD 24 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor could compel a gamer to invest in buying or updating his gaming setup with this fabulous monitor. Its display provides excellent visual fluidity and faultless images, avoiding screen tearing and slow frame rates. With a 1ms (GtG) reaction time, the monitor offers smooth pixel transitions and less lagging.


Since it enables you to play games at a greater resolution and frame rate, a gaming monitor is essential. An IPS (type of monitor or display) will provide outstanding black levels and colors, improving your vision and gameplay experiences, as everyone knows that the present gaming world has become a profitable platform from which a gamer can earn several benefits. Therefore, some investment is also needed in gaming monitors that enhance gaming productivity and experience. At Global Computers, you can buy quality gaming monitors and enjoy playing with the excellent display quality.

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