Why Laptop Sleeves & Bags Are Perfect For Your Laptop

Laptop Sleeves & Bags For Your Laptop

Protecting and concealing your laptop is essential. Not only does it obscure your laptop from people’s eyes but it also protects it from dust, dirt, and other pollutants. But not many people consider laptop sleeves for many reasons, one of them being carelessness.

These sleeves and bags also add a facet of style to your laptop. We’ve picked out 5 elegant laptop sleeves that we think would suit any laptop out there. Take a look at our selections down below:

5 Elegant Laptop Bags & Sleeves For Your Laptop

1 .     WiWu Skin Pro 3 13-Inch

Available in multiple colors, this Wiwu skin is perfect for people who have small and compact laptops or Chromebooks. Those laptops that don’t occupy much space and have screens below 13 inches can fit perfectly into this skin. It is also made of leather, which means that it will last you a long time and be very solid. It will be able to endure, dust, dirt and even small knocks. Though we still recommend that you keep your laptops safe and situated well.

2.      WiWu Skin Pro 3 16-Inch

Do you have a laptop bigger than 13 inches? Don’t worry, we still have you covered. This Wiwu skin is made for larger laptops that range from 14 inches to a maximum of 16 inches. You can easily put your laptop in this skin and have it be safe and secure. It also has a magnetic stand that you can adjust to two angles for better viewing.

3.      WiWu iShield Ultra-Thin Hard Shell For Macbook 16-Inch

Transparent hard shells are something everyone loves. They are especially perfect for a Macbook, because they still show off the sleek and clean design of a Macbook but they also protect the Macbook from stuff like dirt, dust and other pollutants. This transparent hard-shell is also ultra-thin to minimize the thickness of the laptop covering, and make it easier for your to store it in a bag. This is also the 16-inch version, meaning it can easily fit even the biggest Macbook.

4.      WiWu Macbook Pro Retina iShield 13-Inch White Frosted

We also have something for people who have a smaller Macbook. This iShield is perfect for Macbooks up to 13 inches. But that’s not all, this iShield also has a translucent, frosted white design to it, which gives off a premium and sleek feel. This white frosting also makes the iShield more resistant to things like scratches and scrapes. At the same time, it is still ultra-thin, with a thickness of 0.8mm, which does not add weight to the laptop and keeps it light.

5.      WiWu iShield Transparent for Macbook Pro 2021 16-inch

The latest shield for the latest Macbook seems like a logical choice. This hard shell is designed specifically for the 2021 Macbook Pro. This way, not only can you enjoy super-fast performance from the Macbook itself but a clean and simple design because of this hard shell. And you don’t even have to worry about the shield turning yellow after a lot of use. The material used to make this shield doesn’t turn green. This material is also very environmentally-friendly.

To Wrap Up

If you want to keep your laptop completely spotless and without any blemishes, then investing in a laptop shield, skin or sleeve is the perfect idea. You can even conceal your laptop inside a sleeve so that even if you are carrying it in public, it is unnoticeable to people around you.

So, what are you waiting for? Order you laptop shield or skin today from Global Computers and secure your laptop!

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