What Is The Difference Between Earpods And Airpods?

earbuds and airpods

For years, Apple has helped bring music to the ears with its amazing technological advancements. This pair of earphones makes all the difference and sounds much better. The EarPods are undoubtedly better than many of the earphones on the market. Elegantly designed and shaped to fit your ear and minimize sound loss, they have a lot to offer. 

However, as the world is evolving at an unbelievable pace, it’s time to move on from the hassle of tangled wires and go wireless. This is where Apple introduced its new AirPods and completely changed the game. Delivering a fantastic wireless listening experience, the AirPods are a combo of an unbelievably charming design and cutting-edge technology.

While Global Computers offers you the best Apple AirPods Pro price in Pakistan, this blog will tell you about the difference between Earpods and AirPods. Let’s begin!

Difference Between Earpods And AirPods

What Are EarPods?

When you buy a brand-new iPhone or iPad, you get EarPods included in the box. However, they’re also available at Apple Stores and websites run by authorized Apple resellers. On September 12, 2012, Apple unveiled the EarPods, redesigning the hardware and giving them a new shape that fixes well in the ear. When Apple released the newly redesigned iPhone 5, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, and the seventh-generation iPad Nano (which came without a microphone or remote control), the company started releasing the EarPods.

What Are AirPods?

With the AirPods, Apple completely revolutionized the wireless headphone industry in 2016. Apple’s truly wireless AirPods earphones are completely wire-free, have high-quality music, with very good battery life. With the help of the microphone that is included inside the AirPods, users may make phone calls, listen to music, watch TV, and activate Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Double-tapping the AirPods activates Siri in a flash and puts it at your service.

Difference between EarPods and AirPods


The primary difference between the first-generation EarPods and the new AirPods is that they are completely wireless. The new AirPods are the best option for people who have trouble keeping the wired EarPods in their ears. The newest generation of headphones, AirPods, offer a fantastically simple fix for the tangled headphone issue with EarPods. By providing a wireless listening experience that was redesigned, AirPods revolutionized the way we use headphones.


Both the AirPods and the EarPods feature the same fundamental design, aside from the wireless aspect. AirPods simply did away with the wires from the traditional EarPods design. The cord-mounted controller that comes with the original EarPods gives you further capability. The AirPods are packaged in a stylish white case with two compartments which also serve as their charging case, and are compact enough to fit in your pocket.


The inclusion of Siri functionality in the AirPods is the second major improvement. Double-tapping the AirPods awakens Siri instantaneously and puts it at your service in a flash. You may ask Siri for any inquiry or make phone calls. Additionally, Siri has the ability to manage the music on your device. The hands-free “Hey Siri” technology of the second-generation AirPods, also known as the AirPods 2, allows you to call Siri by voice without having to double-tap the headphones.

To Wrap Up:

These were all the differences you needed to know between the two most amazing earphones available in the market today. Both offer amazing sound quality and functionality. However, AirPods are definitely a better option since they’re wireless. You can purchase AirPods at Global Computers for a really reasonable price. Visit our website to find out more about AirPods and other earbuds prices in Pakistan. We’re one of the best stores for laptops, headphones, and other accessories. 

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