The Best Gaming Mouses

You don’t have to be a pro gamer to want to get your hands on a gaming mouse. Even if you are a casual user, you would be surprised to know the kind of advantages a gaming mouse has over a regular mouse. Gaming mouses are not just for aesthetics but are more reliable, durable, ergonomic, and especially sensitive. The additional benefits like extra features, programmable buttons, removable weights, and lights make them even more superior to regular mouses. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or not; just continue reading till the end to get some knowledge about the best gaming mouses out there!

1. Wireless VS Wired Mouse

When choosing between a wireless mouse and a wired mouse, you will undoubtedly face some dilemmas. Without a doubt, it is a tricky choice to make. A wireless mouse looks a whole lot nicer than a wired mouse. If you are concerned about the appearance of your gaming table, a wireless mouse is the best option for you. However, a wired mouse is always faster and comparatively more responsive than a wireless mouse, and since it does not need a battery, you don’t have to live under the constant worry of your mouse dying when you are just about to win your game. If you take your gaming very seriously and never want to miss a headshot, a wired mouse is a much better option. Whereas, if you are fed up with the tangled-up wires, and they give you an OCD, you can get your hands on a wireless mouse that works just fine. With all the pros and cons, you can now decide according to your priorities.

2. Ergonomics According To Your Needs

The whole idea of “the perfect mouse” is entirely subjective. A mouse that works well for your best friend does not necessarily have to work well with you. Every player is different; every hand is different, every grip is different, and so is every mouse. Some people prefer to grip the mouse with their palm, while some prefer a claw grip or hold it with their fingertips. For most people, a palm grip is the most comfortable choice. The claw grip means that just your fingertips and the rear end of your palm are in direct contact with the mouse, while in the case of fingertips, your palm is above the mouse, and your fingertips are the only thing in contact with the mouse. Hence, you have to figure out for yourself what bodes well for you. If you have just begun your quest of finding the perfect mouse, you might have to face a few disappointments first before you find the one.

3. Gaming Mouse Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a mouse might just be one of the most important aspects of a gaming mouse. To pick a mouse with good sensitivity, it is vital for you first to familiarize yourself with the concept of sensitivity. It refers to the speed of the mouse pointer on the screen when you move your hands on the mouse. Mouse sensitivity can be measured in DPI, that is, dots per inch which simply means the number of pixels your cursor moves per inch when you move the mouse. The higher the DPI, the faster your cursor will move on the screen with much less effort. If your screen is high resolution, then you will require a mouse with a higher DPI because a screen with a good resolution has more pixels per inch. For playing fast-paced games on a 4K monitor, you will require a mouse with a DPI of at least 400-800. Depending on how you want your mouse to feel, you can go as high as 10,000 DPI or maybe more.

Best Gaming Mouses

We have three options to help you get an idea about the best wireless gaming mouse for yourself.

  1. Logitech G402: This mouse uses sophisticated sensor technology for an ultra-fast gaming experience. It has 8 programmable buttons, DPI switching on the fly, 32 bit Arm Processor, and an incredibly comfortable design.
  2. Razer Viper Mini: Ultra-light ultra-fast Viper Mini has a speed flex cable, 8500 DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, and a unique memory profile.
  3. Redragon Cobra: A dream come true for the gamers, with a 10000 DPI, high-speed motion, 7 RGB lighting effects, and 7 programmable buttons.

With that, we have arrived at the end of this blog. Gamer or not, you surely need to get your hands on these amazing mouses. Try a gaming mouse once, and you will not go back to your old ways for sure. If you are looking for gaming mouse prices in Pakistan and other related details, contact Global Computers today and get yourself the best deals.

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