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LG gaming monitors offer a high refresh rate, low input lag, and FreeSync or G-Sync compatibility, making them ideal for gaming. LG’s gaming monitors are also some of the most stylish on the market, with sleek designs that catch people’s attention.

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Reduces Motion Blur By 1ms

When it comes to games, the response time of a monitor is significant. With the 1ms Motion Blur Reduction feature, gamers can play with the speed and accuracy they need to play at a very high level. With a response time of almost 1 ms, blurring and ghosting are less likely to happen, making the action smoother and the gamer’s responses more accurate.

Use FreeSync

With FreeSync, gamers can move around in high-resolution, fast-paced games without any jerkiness. FreeSync almost eliminates the tearing and stuttering that can happen when a graphics card’s frame rate differs from a monitor’s refresh rate.

High Rate Of Reloads

Games run much smoother on the LG gaming monitor than on monitors with refresh rates of 60Hz or 75Hz. When you add the curved screen to the smooth action, you get a gaming experience that is both optimised and immersive.


With the Crosshair feature, gamers can level up their skills. This feature makes it easier to hit your target in first-person shooter games by putting the hitting point in the middle of the screen.

Features For Advanced Gamers

Serious gamers want severe game features. You can quickly adjust your monitor’s settings to turn on Black Stabilizer and get better detail in dark scenes. The Dynamic Action Sync feature ensures that gaming action is smooth and fluid.

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