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Bloody Q135 Illuminate Gaming Keyboard

Q135 | Adjustable Backlights. Press Fn+F8 will disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during the game session.
  • Multimedia Hot-Keys
  • 1000Hz Report Rate
  • Screw Enhanced Space-Bar
  • Anti-Slippery Lift
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Corsair PBT DOUBLE-SHOT PRO Keycap Mod Kit

A CORSAIR PBT DOUBLE-SHOT PRO Keycap Mod Kit gives your keyboard added durability and personalization thanks to thick double-shot PBT plastic with textured surfaces and multiple striking color options.
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Razer Hydrator (Classic Black)

Razer Hydrator At Best Price In Pakistan On at Rs.6,790. Razer Hydrator
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HAVIT KB858L Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LED Rainbow Backlit

104 Key wired keyboard is with 7 colors rainbow effect, and the backlight can switch between 7 color light rainbow mode, breathing mode and turn off. Fantastic backlit provides a cool gaming atmosphere.
  • Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard
  • 19 Anti-ghosting Keys
  • Win Key Locked Enable
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
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1stPlayer DK5.0 Lite Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Blue Switch, RGB

The DK5.0 mechanical gaming keyboard is designed with an elegant and simplified style. This makes it a classic full-size gaming keyboard.
  • Death Knight 5.0
  • RGB Blackit
  • Dust & Water Resistant
  • Double Shot Keycaps
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Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards: Compatible with Standard 104/105 US and UK layouts

• Compatibility: Razer Mechanical and Optical Keyboards and Standard 104/105 US and UK layouts • Oil-Resistant Doubleshot PBT Keycaps: Made of textured, high-grade PBT for a more durable finish less prone to long-term, shiny grime buildup • Extra-Thick Key Walls: Provides maximum durability and solid key presses • Backlight Compatible & Fade-Resistant: Unique doubleshot construction process for thin fonts allows for RGB lights shine through without issue • Extensive Keycap Selection: Consists of 120 keycaps and additional stabilizers which fit all Mechanical and Optical Razer keyboards, as well as any key switch with a cross-shaped axis
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Bloody B865N Light Strike Gaming Keyboard | Gun Grey

Innovative LK Optic Switch technology uses an optic switch to react at lightning speed with extreme 0.2ms key response, exclusive "long-lasting" typing sound and tactile feedback, creates more passion for gamers.
  • Light Strike Optical Technology
  • LK Sound Creator Tech
  • Zero-Lag Response
  • Neon Glare System
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Bloody B760 Full Light Strike Gaming Keyboard

Innovative LK Optical Switch technology uses the optic switch to react at lightning speed with extreme 0.2ms key response, exclusive "long-lasting" typing sound and tactile feedback, creates more passion for gamers.
  • World’s First Lightning Speed Mechanical Switch
  • Light Strike Optical Technology
  • 0.2 ms Key Response
  • Anti-Slippery Lift
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Redragon Dragonborn K630 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard – Brown Switch

Get this Redragon Dragonborn K630 Mechanic Gaming Keyboard from Global Computer. Add it to your gaming peripherals arsenal and get
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Razer Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set –

• Unique Stealth Design • Translucent Sides • Bottom-Lasered Legends • Keycap Removal Tool & Stabilizers • Universal Compatibility
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Redragon K552 Kumara RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Spill proof design. 87 RGB keys. WIN keys can be disable when gaming. Double injection keycaps.
  • High quality mechanical switches
  • RGB full color LED backlit keys
  • Full key anti-ghosting
  • Golden plated USB port
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Bloody B930 Ergonomic TENKEYLESS Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

Bloody Gaming - Bound by Passion. Bound by Innovation. Bound by Gaming.
  • LK Light Strike Libra
  • Customizable RGB
  • 6 RGB Lighting Effects
  • LK Sound Creator Tech
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