Liquid Vs. Air Cooling – Which Can Be The Better Option For Your Gaming Pc?

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After running your PC effectively, the CPU tends to get heated up and requires cooling down. CPU is a powerful piece of the PC, and if it is not cooled down properly, it can end up with multiple problems. There are two ways to keep your CPU cool and your PC working smoothly. You can do it through the air or liquid cooling. Both are to absorb the heat a CPU generates and throw it away from the hardware. The mechanics of both are similar; however, the methods are different.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about these cooling methods and help you choose the best one. 

What Is Air Cooling?

Air cooling is quite a straightforward way to cool down your CPU. this one can be a simple and effective way to install and dissipate the heat. There are two parts to an air cooler; a fan and a heat sink. The heat sink has a fan on the top or side to push the air further away from the CPU and keep it cool to run effectively. If you are new to this, we suggest you buy Dark flash Aigo DR12 Pro Cooling Fan as it offers optimal cooling and is quite easy to install. It offers a remote controlling makes it easier to use for the newbies. Apart from this one, you can also look for other air cooling systems from a reliable store such as Global Computers. We have many premium-quality air cooling systems that will work well for you. 

There are various benefits to choosing an air cooling system for your CPU, such as;

  • It offers straightforward operation 
  • Air cooling is quite affordable. 
  • The installation process is simple 
  • Air cooling requires quite low maintenance

You can find high-quality air cooling systems from the best stores around you, like Global Computers. We have a collection of top-quality system that fits your need, such as the XPG VENTO Cooling Fan, Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB CPU Cooler, and much more, so start browsing today.

What Is Liquid Cooling?

Liquid cooling is considered one of heavy gamers’ preferred methods. It has a high thermal conductivity of water which can cool down your PC efficiently. There are various liquid cooling systems that you can choose from, for example, Corsair iCUE H150i Liquid CPU Cooler or MSI MAG CORELIQUID 360R V2 Cooler. It is completely up to you which one to buy.

A liquid cooler consists of the following;

  • Pipes 
  • A radiator
  • A pump
  • A water block 
  • A reservoir (optional)

It works when the pumps push the liquid back and forth from the radiator through the water block. The water block is always attached to the CPU. the heat gets transferred from the cooling liquid. This runs in a loop to keep the PC cool and functioning effectively. The liquid cooling system offers you various benefits, such as; 

  • It makes less noise
  • It can perform well for users, especially those who plan to do heavy gaming.
  • It can be quite attractive visually; you can also customize it with RGB elements to make it more attractive.

You can also find the best liquid cooling system at our store, such as DarkFlash Twister DX120 Liquid CPU Cooler, which has shown tremendous results for people who work on PC. 

Air Cooling Vs. Liquid Cooling, Which One Is The Best?

Both of the cooling systems work well and fulfill particular needs. They have similar functions but are designed for different requirements. To choose the best one for your computer, you must see which one sits well. The decision sits completely up to your personal preference.

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