GPU Prices Are Finally Going Down – Why? & How Do Gamers Benefit From This?

GPU Prices Are Finally Going Down - Why? & How Do Gamers Benefit From This?

GPU prices were touching heights we had never seen before for the longest time. GPUs were being sold and scalped for even 4 to 5 times what their base price was actually supposed to be.

And the base price had gone up too. There were many reasons for that. In this blog, we will discuss GPU prices, why they went up, why they are going down again, and finally, how gamers can benefit from this.

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GPU Prices – The Rise & The Fall

●       Where It Went Wrong

As mentioned above, there are two big reasons why GPU prices went up astronomically.

The first reason is cryptocurrency. Crypto has seen a meteoric rise in the past, but it wasn’t a problem until the last couple of years. Due to the increasing difficulty of crypto mining operations, stronger and stronger computers were required. Gone are the days when your average gaming PC would be able to carry out any meaningful crypto mining operations.

That is when miners turned to the GPU market. After all, GPUs are highly essential to mining. And so, miners began to buy them in bulk. They were creating entire mining farms in all sorts of places. And that created a shortage of GPUs in the market that led to a rise in prices as manufacturers rushed to meet demands.

Things got even more complicated with the Covid-19 pandemic beginning. The entire world basically shut down. Factories and global supply chains came to a standstill. And that led to the shortage of GPUs becoming even more severe because the supply dried up to an even larger extent.

●       How The Market Is Recovering

The main reason for the rise in prices was because of a chip shortage. Even if manufacturers had their production lines running, there just weren’t enough chips to put together enough GPUs to meet the demand of the people.

But as the world has opened up post-pandemic, the production lines have opened up. The chip shortage is still there, but the deficit is lessening more and more. And that’s not all.

The crypto mining issue is also subsiding. The crypto market suffered a huge crash that it still hasn’t recovered from, which has deterred miners from around the globe. And since Ethereum is changing its system from “proof-of-work” to “proof-of-stake,” it is slowly making the act of mining useless.

It should be remembered that GPU prices still haven’t fully recovered. But they are well on their way to getting back to normal.

●       Why Gamers Should Rejoice

No gaming rig is complete without the right GPU. And all gamers looking to build or rebuild their PCs should be happy because they can finally begin to afford GPUs again.

Because of the rise in prices, most people could not afford GPUs. Not everybody could pay the ridiculous prices. And even those who could pay could not find the GPU of their choice because they were either sold out or bought by scalpers who wanted to make a profit.

But soon, you won’t have to worry about these factors anymore.

●       Global Computers’ Picks For Great GPUs

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To Wrap Up

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