Choosing The Right Monitor Arm: Enhance Your Work Productivity

Choosing The Right Monitor Arm: Enhance Your Work Productivity

When it comes to setting your personal computer desk, your setup is significant considering its impact on the overall performance and efficiency of your system. With poor desk ergonomics, there is a chance that you might develop muscle strain, and in the worse case, it can lead to critical complications like long-term muscular or spinal pain. Whether you’re setting up your system for work or for leisure and entertainment activities like video games, using a monitor arm is one of the solutions to create a comfortable desk setup. A monitor arm or monitor riser is a stand that is usually attached to the back of your desk and helps you to correct the balance between you, the technology, and your working environment. It supports and elevates your computer screen, laptop, or tablet. This ultimately enhances your wellness and productivity, allowing you to work for longer periods without getting tired.

Types of monitor arms

Monitor arms are available in three basic types i.e., single, dual, and triple. Single monitor arms are used to mount one monitor, double for two, and so on. Since we’re discussing types of monitor arms, the excellent LDT26 Series by Twisted arms must not be forgotten. Having shorter arms, these monitor stands are designed to work perfectly for small work areas providing a near-seamless look. Following are some best Monitor arms of this series categorized as single, dual, and triple.


Twisted Minds Counterbalance Single Monitor Arm (Ldt26-C012u):

The Twisted Minds counterbalance single monitor arm with a 3.0 USB Port (17-32″) has a sleek, lighter, and elegant look due to its lightweight aluminum construction. It comes with a detachable VESA plate design that enables easy installation. Cable management is easier with this design allowing you to keep everything organized. Also, their height can be freely adjusted, providing for the best ergonomics.

Twisted Minds Single Monitor Spring-Assisted PRO RGB Gaming Monitor Arm With USB Port

If you’re a gamer looking for a cool and better-looking design for your setup, you must try using Twisted Minds RGB Counterbalance Single Monitor Arm With USB/Audio/Mic Ports(17-32″). Designed for perfect weight adjustments, this monitor arm comes with a built-in spring tension gauge. It provides you with two USB 3.0 ports and two multi-media ports, all of which are easily accessible. Its spring-assisted mechanism enables you to move your monitor up and down easily and, similar to the normal design, comes with a detachable VESA plate design enabling easy installation. Still, the best thing about these monitor arms is the cool lighting effect that can seamlessly blend into any gaming station.


Twisted Minds Premium Counterbalance Dual Monitor Arm (Ldt26-C024u):

If you’re working with a two-monitor system, the Twisted Minds Premium Counterbalance dual monitor arm with a 3.0 USB  port is the best choice you’ve got. Its free-tilting design allows you to easily adjust your monitors forward or backward, portrait or landscape. Available in Aluminium, steel, or plastic, this counterbalance dual monitor arm allows you to use multiple monitors adjusted against walls or in cubicles with less desk space. Most mounts are unable to provide this feature with dual monitors due to their long arms.


Twisted Minds Premium Counterbalance Triple Monitor Arm(LDT26-C036UP):

Allowing you to work seamlessly with three monitors, these monitor arms are also available in steel, plastic bodies. They provide a full 180 degrees(- &+) rotation range and 45 degrees tilt range that enables you to freely adjust all three of your monitors. Other features are similar to that of the single and dual arm designs.

To Wrap Up:

By keeping all this in your mind, selecting the right Monitor stand for your pc will become much easy for you. If you’re confused about where to find them, Global computer has you covered. Visit us now for all kinds of monitor arms, including those mentioned above.

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