Best Gaming PC Cases

Best Gaming PC Cases

To have a prime gaming experience, you need high-performing machines. High FPS, exceptional mouse and keyboard options, and of course, the best headsets as well. But that’s just the things that you use.

There’s a lot that you don’t actively use that contributes to the gaming experience that you have. We are talking about the PC cases here. The right PC case shall hold the components in the right manner and even prevent them from damaging.

Beware, a lot of gamers don’t focus on the casing. They just want to buy high spec components but save money on the casing. That way, their machines run a high risk of damage because of compact spaces or improper ventilation.

Plus, gaming cases are awesome, and why not have one when your room can literally become the coolest place by having one there.

Here are some awesome PC cases options for you:

1st player R3 (Black) ATX with 3 Fans Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Keep your machine cool and adequately ventilated with this beautiful casing. Having this one in your gaming setup shall instantly make the place celestial.

Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself staring at the machine during the game breaks. It’s just so beautiful that way. It’s a mid-tower case that shall be well suited for beginners as well as intermediate players.

This may as well sit well with a few advanced-level machines.

1st player B6 (Black) BLACK.SIR Series With 3 Fans ATX Gaming Case (Non RGB Fans)

Another master piece from 1st player. This one comes with non-RGB fans and is more towards the performance side. This is for extreme gamers who just want a casing that makes holds their high spec components so that they have a seamless gaming experience.

It has a tempered side glass panel, and you get to see what’s on the inside. It’s easy to open it up and clean the insides regularly. You also get a water cooling support. Whew, that’s so cool!


Want to have a premium RGB experience? Get this PC case. It’s so easy to manage this one.

The design of this one is made so that the insides are always well ventilated and cool.

Cougar MX330-G Air Glass Window Mid-Tower PC Case

If you are looking for something more elegant and simplistic, consider the Cougar MX330-G. It’s designed to make everything super accessible.

You get the ports in front only. That way, you don’t need to make uncomfortable peeks on the back to fix up your gadgets to the case. The power button also sits elegantly on the top.

Cougar MX660-T Advanced Mid-Tower Case with COUGAR Iconic DNA

For a gamer who is looking for something elegant on the higher end, this one is perfect. It’s so well made; you’ll just love it. With this one as well, you get the ports right at the front.

It’s a mid-tower case that comes with transparent glass, so you always get to see the internal components.

Lian Li LANCOOL 205 Case – White

Keep your PC cool while you have a steamy game session with the Lian Li Lancool. It’s designed to keep the heat away whenever you game.

It’s powerful and spacious and can easily hold your PC components.

Final Words

Getting the right case is essential to have a great gaming experience. You can get all these beautiful cases from Global computers. Order away or visit our store to see more case options.

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