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Best All In One Hubs To Have

Best All In One Hubs To Have

With the race to make devices compact devices, companies are leaving the ports out of the devices. Look at Macs, for instance. They are sleek and stylish but don’t come in with many ports.

A lot of manufacturers are covering that up with wireless connectivity options. But truth be told, it’ll take a long time to completely compensate for the needs for ports. That’s why we now have multipurpose hubs that offer several ports at once.

Here are a few best ones that you can have for yourself:


Connecting everything to the laptop can be really messy. You need USBs, printers, external mouse, keyboards and whatnot. A lot of people even charge their phones using USB ports.

To suffice all your port needs, here’s the ultimate Ugreen 4 hub. It comes with four USB ports where you can easily connect your electronics. You can even connect your external HDDs using this hub.

Basically, this hub is easily the best connectivity solution for your devices. Plus, it’s lightweight and slim, so you can easily carry it around. The cherry on top- it offers 5Gbps data transfer speed.

Wiwu X7 Lightning to HDMI Convertor

Your visual experience is sure to become premium with the Wiwu X7. This is a high-quality HDMI converter that’s great to mirror your phones on the TV screens, play games and watch videos.

This hub is made to deliver high-quality results and can work well with 4K as well.

It’s 2 meters in length which makes it super handy to use. It’s a multipurpose HDMI hub which means that you can charge up your phone while simultaneously using the hub for other purposes. It’s a plug and play product and doesn’t require any drivers to function.

Apple USB-C to Card Reader

To an average person, the concept of cards may be a thing of the past. Most devices these days come with ample internal memory that the need for external cards seems obsolete. But there are still a lot of places where cards are used.

Photography, for instance, is where the usage of cards is heavy. With this USB-C to card reader, you can easily transfer your data on the card to the device. It transfers the files fast without damaging their quality.

It’s compatible with Macs and iPads.


Apple isn’t very generous with ports these days, and MacBook users always feel a lack of ports. This Ugreen hub provides the solution for their port needs. It has 4 USB ports where you can plug in different devices such as the printer, mouse, keyboard, etc.

You can even charge your phone with this hub.

UGREEN 60718

Looking for lighting fast port extensions for your electronics? Get the Ugreen 60718.

It’s durable and is built to perform the best. It comes with 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port, and a micro USB for power supply. It’s universally compatible.

UGREEN 50209

This one is the ultimate solution that covers up the port deficiencies. With this hub, you get a 4K HDMI, 3 USB ports and a Type-C port.

Connect your gadgets and electronics all that you want without worrying about ports anymore. With the Ugreen 50209, you are set with the ports for a long time.

Final words

The above mentioned are some of the best and the top quality hubs available in the market. You can order them from us and get them delivered for reasonable prices.

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