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5 Signs To Detect Power Supply Failure

power supply

The power supply is an essential part. All computers have a power supply, regardless of their brand or operating system. It is intended to change the Direct Current (DC) for each computer component from Alternating Current (AC) from a corded wall outlet. How can you tell whether the power supply in your computer is malfunctioning? Here are five warning signals of a deteriorating power supply.

The Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), assuming your computer runs Windows, could indicate a faulty power supply. Consider switching to Antec HCG 650W Power Supply which offers high performance, great ripple, and noise suppression. 

The Windows operating system’s BSoD is an error screen. It usually happens after a serious or “fatal” blunder. A failed power source is frequently the culprit of a BSoD, though it can also happen for other reasons.

Randomly Shuts Down

If your computer abruptly shuts down without warning, your power supply may fail. Of course, the power supply provides electricity to each component of your computer. Each component needs electricity, including the storage drive, random access memory (RAM), and the central processor unit (CPU). One or more components won’t be able to function if they don’t get the necessary power, which could cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly. 

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Visible Smoke

A failing power supply could occasionally start to smoke. Power sources produce heat as electricity flows through them. They limit the amount of electricity used during regular operation to prevent overheating. But when a power source malfunctions, a lot of electricity might flow through it. The failing power supply will become so heated from all this electricity that it will begin to smoke.

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Freezing is another all-too-common sign of a deteriorating power source. A failed power supply can sometimes bring on a BSOD. Sometimes it just causes the computer on which it is installed to freeze. You’ll notice a static image on your monitor when your computer stalls. Unfortunately, your computer will stop responding, so pressing keys or moving the mouse cursor will not affect the image.

Does Not Start

Your computer might not be able to start if the power supply has died – consider replacing it with a new one, much like the XPG Pylon 650W Power Supply that provides full power at 40 degree Celsius and great overall performance. 

You should double-check to ensure your PC is hooked to a wall outlet in situations like this. To ensure the wall outlet works, you can test it with a different appliance, like a phone charger. If your computer doesn’t boot up when you command it to, even though the wall outlet is functional and it is plugged in, the power supply may be faulty.

How To Test If Your PSU Has Failed Or Not

The search for a bad power source is an elimination procedure. The procedure isn’t extensive, but it should give you a good indication of whether or not your PSU is operating correctly. 

These steps should be followed if you have tried software debugging and believe the problem may be hardware-related. After each step, retest. 

-Verify that no external switch on the power supply’s back has unintentionally been switched off. 

-Verify that the power cord is firmly attached to the computer’s back and the wall socket. 

Try an alternative power line and wall socket to ensure that neither is dead.

-Check your computer’s internal connections, including the power connectors for any external devices. 

-If your computer doesn’t have onboard graphics, remove all hardware and peripherals besides the boot drive and graphics card. Remove your graphics card as well if your CPU has built-in graphics.

If you’ve evaluated that you have a dying power supply, there’s no need to fear. Head over to the Global Computers website to buy a new PSU today!

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